The Adventure Begins

It’s hard to tell when exactly this adventure began. Was it at 12:17 this morning when we woke up to the cold hard realization that our air mattress had developed a massive leak and that the rest of the night would be spent on a combination of couch cushions and throw pillows? Or was it two days after Christmas when five vehicles filled with friends pulled into our drive way and loaded all of our belongings with practiced efficiency?  Regardless of when it began, I have no doubt that the adventure certainly has started. We have spent the last two and a half weeks packing, cleaning, and living out of Rubbermaid bins. Between all of this, we somehow found time to surf in Tofino, dance at a wedding, and hug almost all of our friends. In the rare quite moments, I found myself wondering if this trip is either the greatest or the worst idea we have ever had…well we will soon find out.

For the time being, lets avoid this massive, possibly unanswerable, question and focus on the details at hand. At this moment, my lovely travel companion (aka my husband, aka Jacob Thomas Kort, according to his passport) and I are sitting in the Victoria International Airport. We are outrageously early, but that suits both of our anxiety levels just fine and gives us time for the most important parts of air travel: snacking and drinking. Our first flight is to Seattle and leaves at 1:25pm…I considered bribing the airline to change the flight to 1:11, just for the irresistible symmetry of leaving at the 11th minute of the 1st hour of the 11th day of the 1st month of the year. But I will settle for the schedule as posted.

Our next flight will be a breathtaking snow safari over northern Canada, with glimpses of Greenland and a landing in Rekjavik, Iceland. After a stress inducing 55 minute layover that will test the efficiency of Icelandic customs and security, we will be on our final flight to Amsterdam. Then, after a brief 3 hour trip over the rest of the Atlantic, Jakob will shed a tear or two at the sight of the fatherland (as in the land where Jakob’s father is from) and slip seamlessly into his beautifully accented conversational Dutch. At which point, we will undoubtedly come to some level of confusion or disagreement about the best way to tackle the couple hour train journey to the most northern tip of the country (which we will of course be able to see from the airport, if we stand on our tippy toes). Finally, after a round of hugs with the extended Kort family, we will collapse into an exhausted heap, hoping for a better night’s sleep than the two nights before. The adventure has certainly begun. Hope you enjoy tagging along!

Pretty much everything we will need for the next 6 months. Can you guess the combined weight?

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  1. Check for lindsay terpstra at Seattle airport!! She flies from Vancouver at 2:00 this afternoon for a 4 month university semester in Barbados!!!
    She waits in Seattle for 9 hours!!!
    Enjoy your adventure!!! You will never regret it!!


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