Poems for Human People

Sometimes I feel surrounded with brokenness and sometimes the only thing to do is write. What you’ll find below are observations, not solutions, reflections, not remedies. If you need a laugh, by all means, read this instead. If you need a cry or a ponder continue:

Tofino Beach

Poem of the Heartbroken

Has your sky fallen in?
Have you awaken to find the stucco a breath from your face?
The rhythm of your heart a slow moving oar through an icy lake?

Has your sky just fallen in?
Did you crawl from your bed to your window beneath the weight?
And peer breathlessly toward the ground?
There must be shards of blue in that grass.

Has your sky really fallen in?
Have you pulled on your clothes fit for a skyless day?
Not the rain jacket or winter coat or wind breaker?
Something you only wear for no sky weather.

I’m sure your sky has fallen in.
You look to it and when I ask you say
“I was counting on sunnier weather.”

Photo by J Scott Rakozy on Unsplash

Poem of the Misunderstood
Let’s run away from this place
of hurt
of loss
of dispair

let’s run away from this place
and forget
we were
even there

let’s run away from this place
and hope
and search
and find

let’s run away from this place
I know
they won’t
even mind

Photo by Saúl Venegas on Unsplash
Poem of the Consumed

My place, my car,
my house, my people,
my tribe, my life
my everything
in a box by a key
held safe, hold on
don’t touch don’t take
please listen
it’s mine
what’s yours
I don’t care
What I have is better
don’t ask
I’ll tell
My opinion, my experience
my world, my truth
my hope, my happiness,
my life
Not yours.

She was trying to loose track of herselfbut she thought, if she left a piece of herself in every placeshe would never be entirely lost (2)


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  1. Observations and reflections without solutions or remedies is allowed. The Psalmist did that too. And then… we can observe and reflect on the Lord’s care and guidance–as John 16:33 says so well.


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