I’ve spent 19 years writing for grades and now I’m writing for fun! This blog started as a travel project during a six month round trip of Europe, but now it’s a space for slightly sensationalized stories of my life and the lives around me. Hope you enjoy!




About the Author:

My name is Meghan Kort, I’m a small town BC girl now living the island life in Victoria. I have my master’s in History and I love a good story no matter where it falls on the true to imaginary spectrum. I’m a christian, a feminist, a wife, a writer, a scrapbooker, and a hiker. I only bake, drive, and play sports if I have to.

A very official definition of a not-so-official word:

Korting [KOR-tng]

1. [from: to kort] To undertake an exploration with a high level of curiosity and uncertainty. Specific usage restricted to those persons with the last name Kort.
ex. Jakob and Meghan Kort were korting a Sunday afternoon walk in an unfamiliar park.

2. Dutch word for a discount or a good deal.
ex. “Good news, I got a korting on a flight to Amsterdam.”

Compound Noun.
3. The combination of the two surnames: Kort and Horlings.
ex. When Jakob Kort and Meghan Horlings got married, she tried to convince Jakob to change his last name to Korting.


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