Backpacking with Baby | Cape Scott Trail

There’s a trail that tracks to the northern most point of Vancouver Island. As soon as I heard about it, I wanted to hike it. Mostly for one reason: because it is northern—just like me. But when I google searched Cape Scott and realized that it was a good 7.5 hour drive from Victoria including... Continue Reading →


The Tricks of the Trail | Mount Work

It started as an average Bonnie-and-Meghan hike: Bonnie brought hand written directions. I insisted we follow Google Maps. Bonnie had hiked it before. I had not. Bonnie wore layers and packed snacks. I forgot my mittens, but managed to find a half-eaten cliff bar at the bottom of my purse. The only change from the... Continue Reading →

Camino Family

How often do you know the exact condition of your friends’ feet? Well I do. Louise has three blisters on one big toe and a few on the rest. Dave has a couple of blisters that keep coming back because he always cuts the badges too small. Marg is blister free (and we hate her... Continue Reading →

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