What Every Pregnant Woman Wants to Hear

“You better get all the sleep you can now, because when that baby comes you won’t be getting any!” My advisor’s eyes twinkled beneath his greying brows. You’d think he had just handed me the map to a buried treasure. I smiled weakly and excused myself to check on the punch levels. A seven-months pregnant... Continue Reading →


To Boat Oar Not to Boat | Port Townsend

“Are you nervous?” I asked, glancing towards the shoreline. “Of course I’m nervous,” the skipper responded with a smile, “it’s the biggest docking job of the whole year.” “Stay calm. Whatever you do don’t run around or panic,” ordered the First Mate. He eyed each of us, looking for the first sign of disorder. There... Continue Reading →

Of Rats and Research

March 15-18 Not every historian wakes up and fends off rats on her way to work. I’ve tried several tactics. Try to convince myself that this makes the experience more authentic and memorable Name the rat Templeton and assume that he is misunderstood Yell, whistle, sing, and stomp on the way out to the car Spend... Continue Reading →

A Time to Laugh and a Time to Listen

January 22-28 Our time in Krakow can be split quite neatly into two categories: time spent laughing and time spent not laughing. Upon arrival at our hostel, the Dizzy Daisy, we were eager to meet fellow travellers and to make some short-term friends. Our last three nights, since saying goodbye to Yakob in Berlin, were... Continue Reading →

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