Poems for Human People

Sometimes I feel surrounded with brokenness and sometimes the only thing to do is write. What you'll find below are observations, not solutions, reflections, not remedies. If you need a laugh, by all means, read this instead. If you need a cry or a ponder continue: Poem of the Heartbroken Has your sky fallen in?... Continue Reading →


Bulkley Valley

I come from a place where weddings are in country halls, grocery stores are attached to ever changing shopping malls, and the mountain views footnote our conversations because if you mention them you're obviously not from here. Where each house, each party, each vacation spot is somewhere down a dirt road or just past a... Continue Reading →

The First Glimpse of Poland

January 21 Poland appeared out of the mist. The forests made of tall tapered logs standing on end and each aligned with the next. Paths cut their way through the trees at precise angles with the roadway, forming what must look like the feathered end of an arrow if viewed from above. The farm land... Continue Reading →

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