My Daily Vertigo

I can’t stop thinking about how tiny my son is. Yes, he was born at a burly 9lbs 9ozs and has continued his upward bulking trend. But as I lift and bathe and feed this little one, I’m constantly picturing how easy it would be to drop him or forget where I’ve put him. It... Continue Reading →


Liam’s Story

Some would call me a procrastinator, others might think I’m shy, but the truth is I’m more of a strategist. I had been thinking about moving out for weeks already. Whenever my toes ran into the walls and my elbows collided with my knees, I knew the time was approaching. But for a move this... Continue Reading →

What Every Pregnant Woman Wants to Hear

“You better get all the sleep you can now, because when that baby comes you won’t be getting any!” My advisor’s eyes twinkled beneath his greying brows. You’d think he had just handed me the map to a buried treasure. I smiled weakly and excused myself to check on the punch levels. A seven-months pregnant... Continue Reading →

Of Fishtails and Flounders

The boat woke up with a rush that Tuesday morning in Montague Harbour. Some had been up for hours already, tossing and turning under the bobbing lights of the anchor watchers changing shifts. It seemed unfair to me to expect thirteen-year-olds to take one hour shifts all night in the company of rain and mist... Continue Reading →

Poems for Human People

Sometimes I feel surrounded with brokenness and sometimes the only thing to do is write. What you'll find below are observations, not solutions, reflections, not remedies. If you need a laugh, by all means, read this instead. If you need a cry or a ponder continue: Poem of the Heartbroken Has your sky fallen in?... Continue Reading →

The Receptionist

“Fake it till you make it,” they say. I look around at my scattered wardrobe. Well I certainly haven’t made it. I pull on a pair of old dress pants and a crumpled collared shirt. “Ugh, I definitely won’t be accessing anything in the lower filing drawers today.” I grimace and practice reaching around behind... Continue Reading →

What’s Next?

"What's next?" Since returning from Europe, we've been asked this question more times than I can count. If you're a twenty something, then maybe you too can relate. Of course, it's possible that the awkwardness of living an unpredictable life plagues other generations too. I suspect it does. And maybe you too know how difficult it... Continue Reading →

Wandering On Purpose

For 147 days I’ve been a wanderer. To some that may seem like a small feat, too others it may seem unfathomable. To me it’s a bit of both. The culture I was raised in doesn’t take well to wanderers. We prefer that people have a plan: an education plan, a health care plan, a... Continue Reading →

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