The Anglophone French Experience: The Paradoxical Unabridged Version

Guest blog by Sarah Allan @sarahbrittny Going to France was something I didn't know I wanted to do until the opportunity was placed in front of me. As a first year teacher I had little hope of doing something meaningful over my Spring break besides sleeping in, watching Netflix, and feeling guilty for not spending... Continue Reading →


Memes, Money, and More in France’s Archives

During the last three weeks, I worked in 8 different archives all over France. Some were massive modern beasts, where the staff were formal, the readings rooms were silent, and the decor was always bizarre. Others were cozy rural reading nooks. Here the staff tended to be warm, they were patient with my poor french,... Continue Reading →

Castles and Cathedrals

Did you ever spend time staring at something as mundane as traffic, just trying to figure out how all the cars could be so small? If you have, you’re probably a North American who has spent a week or two in Europe, or perhaps you’re Sarah Allan. Sarah spent the last two weeks exploring southern... Continue Reading →

Of Rats and Research

March 15-18 Not every historian wakes up and fends off rats on her way to work. I’ve tried several tactics. Try to convince myself that this makes the experience more authentic and memorable Name the rat Templeton and assume that he is misunderstood Yell, whistle, sing, and stomp on the way out to the car Spend... Continue Reading →

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