Backpacking with Baby | Cape Scott Trail

There’s a trail that tracks to the northern most point of Vancouver Island. As soon as I heard about it, I wanted to hike it. Mostly for one reason: because it is northern—just like me. But when I google searched Cape Scott and realized that it was a good 7.5 hour drive from Victoria including... Continue Reading →


2000 Meters Above the Sea | Mount Albert Edward

Since moving to Vancouver Island three years ago I’ve heard legends of Mount Albert Edward’s epic alpine views. To be honest, I didn’t take them too seriously. What does an island dweller know about scaling glaciers and taking peak selfies? Sure, I’ll trust their opinions on organic beer and bike lanes. But mountains? Please, I’m... Continue Reading →

Camino Family

How often do you know the exact condition of your friends’ feet? Well I do. Louise has three blisters on one big toe and a few on the rest. Dave has a couple of blisters that keep coming back because he always cuts the badges too small. Marg is blister free (and we hate her... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Reasons to Get Out of Amsterdam

For most Euro-backpackers, Amsterdam is the only corner of the Netherlands they’ll ever see. Just ask the hostel crowd in Prague or Krakow and you'll hear something like this: “Amsterdam? Ya I think I was in Amsterdam. I took the train there, don’t really remember anything else.” Well I guess I am no different, because... Continue Reading →

Rest Day(s)??

February 26-March 4 This is the story (more of a picture book really) of how one rest day turned into four. After nearly two months of winter travel we were both craving some beach time. Our level of desperation for sunshine and surf only became fully apparent when we caught ourselves scoping the Airbnb map... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Helena

February 22-26 If you asked me before we left which part of the trip I was most excited for, I probably told you: Greece. Sure enough, the country of epic poems and heroic legends has not disappointed. In every direction there is an ancient ruin, a turquoise sea, or a snow capped mountain. It seems... Continue Reading →

Istanbul: First Impressions

It was 11:30pm the night before our flight to Istanbul when we realized that we needed a visa to get into Turkey. We both flew into our own variations of panic. Jakob’s expressed as frustration and mine expressed with a grab for the computer and a controlling 'calm down, let me figure this out’ attitude.... Continue Reading →

Poland: Top 10 Fun Facts

January 22-28 (bonus edition) I knew so very little about this country before coming and now I am pleased to announce that I know at least ten new things: 1) Orange slices and cloves can go in almost any hot beverage.  2) Marie Currie was Polish! At the time when she discovered and named the... Continue Reading →

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