Women Who Did Not Sit Down and Shut Up: Reformation Edition

For many years of my life, October 31st was a day for storytelling. No not ghost stories. But a story about a man in a black robe who had the audacity to deface church property—the story of Martin Luther.  If you don’t know it or need a quick refresher, here’s some playmobile acting it out.... Continue Reading →


“Red Army”

February 11-15 "There's a soccer game tonight!" "Yes babe, there's a soccer game every night." Not long ago, I had asked Jakob if he could maybe just follow two sports. I mistakenly assumed that would cut the spectating and fantasy drafts down to a reasonable number. It turns out even if Jakob were to commit... Continue Reading →

Hansel and Gretel

January 15-20Sometimes Germany can be disorienting. On our first morning in the country, Jakob rolled over, put his arm around me and said "where's Meghan?" I paused for a moment...do I really need to tell him that I am Meghan? Wait, who does he think is sharing his bed?!?! I decided to give him the... Continue Reading →

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