A Good Market Day, a Grand Bazaar, and a Great Cheese Disaster

February 19-20 Our second full day in Istanbul was market day. Jakob had promised to cook dinner for Elyse and I that night, so in return we offered to help with the foraging. As we made our way through Istanbul’s crumbling cobblestone streets, we compiled the day’s shopping list: eggs, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, bread,... Continue Reading →


Cats and “Contradictions”

February 18 Our first full day in Istanbul began with another smorgasbord of food, this time above ground, at an outdoor restaurant just a few steps away from the glistening Bosphorus. Elyse told us it was time to grow-up and order our own food, so we cautiously made our way to the buffet counter, clutching... Continue Reading →

Istanbul: First Impressions

It was 11:30pm the night before our flight to Istanbul when we realized that we needed a visa to get into Turkey. We both flew into our own variations of panic. Jakob’s expressed as frustration and mine expressed with a grab for the computer and a controlling 'calm down, let me figure this out’ attitude.... Continue Reading →

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