15 Things that Made Italy Unforgettable

March 2-12 Trying to align my hunger with the late Italian dinner hour….well if I have one lunch at 11:30, and another lunch around 3, maybe a snack at 5:30, then by 8 I should be the right amount of hungry to eat my weight in pasta. The pervasive national passion for houseplants. The way... Continue Reading →


The Forgotten of Florence

March 5-8 Somewhere between Rome and Florence a few things changed. For one, whatever digestive thing was waking me up 5 times a night somehow resolved itself. After typing my symptoms into Google, I was pretty sure I had contracted a wheat allergy, and considering that we are in Italy, my life span was estimated... Continue Reading →

Rest Day(s)??

February 26-March 4 This is the story (more of a picture book really) of how one rest day turned into four. After nearly two months of winter travel we were both craving some beach time. Our level of desperation for sunshine and surf only became fully apparent when we caught ourselves scoping the Airbnb map... Continue Reading →

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