Life at Vrede Rust

“We’re going to build a publicly accessible bike terrace.” My mind immediately flipped to concrete and table saws and other things that I knew nothing about. Nice idea. But no way is this actually going to work. My doubts only increased when I heard that the plan was to build all the furniture ourselves from... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Vrede Rust

April 15-30 We couldn’t decide if we should bring anything or not. What are the social conventions for showing up at a stranger’s house with the intention of living there for two weeks? We made a last-minute decision. A plant. A plant is the appropriate gift. Better yet, make it an orange one to show... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Reasons to Get Out of Amsterdam

For most Euro-backpackers, Amsterdam is the only corner of the Netherlands they’ll ever see. Just ask the hostel crowd in Prague or Krakow and you'll hear something like this: “Amsterdam? Ya I think I was in Amsterdam. I took the train there, don’t really remember anything else.” Well I guess I am no different, because... Continue Reading →

Lessons in Language: The Dutch Edition

January 12-15 I began preparing for my Dutch emersion experience before even reaching the land of windmills and clogs. Somewhere over northern Alberta, I discovered Air Canada's fun new language learning games. So by the time I stumbled off the plane at Schiphol airport I knew the words most vital to my immediate survival: "Vliegveld!... Continue Reading →

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