Poland: Top 10 Fun Facts

January 22-28 (bonus edition) I knew so very little about this country before coming and now I am pleased to announce that I know at least ten new things: 1) Orange slices and cloves can go in almost any hot beverage.  2) Marie Currie was Polish! At the time when she discovered and named the... Continue Reading →


A Time to Laugh and a Time to Listen

January 22-28 Our time in Krakow can be split quite neatly into two categories: time spent laughing and time spent not laughing. Upon arrival at our hostel, the Dizzy Daisy, we were eager to meet fellow travellers and to make some short-term friends. Our last three nights, since saying goodbye to Yakob in Berlin, were... Continue Reading →

The First Glimpse of Poland

January 21 Poland appeared out of the mist. The forests made of tall tapered logs standing on end and each aligned with the next. Paths cut their way through the trees at precise angles with the roadway, forming what must look like the feathered end of an arrow if viewed from above. The farm land... Continue Reading →

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