Dinner in Prague

February 5-9 The story of our time in Prague is best told by food. Not because we ate out at so many amazing local restaurants, but because we didn’t. For the most part, our meals were had around a large family style dining table. Perhaps it was meant to seat fourteen, but we managed to... Continue Reading →


Auf Canada

Jakob's Side of the Story  Alright, it's my turn to write something. I have to say I am not as funny as my wife is, but that's only because I don't want to hurt her feelings. As I sit here on the train to Salzburg, I am recounting the events of the last few days... Continue Reading →

Lost in Prague

January 4-6 “Do you think it’s time to leave Europe?” I said it without a hint of a smile and I certainly wasn’t joking. To understand how we got to this point at about 12:30pm on a Monday, you need to understand the events of the previous three days or so. Somewhere in Vienna I... Continue Reading →

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