Camino Family

How often do you know the exact condition of your friends’ feet? Well I do. Louise has three blisters on one big toe and a few on the rest. Dave has a couple of blisters that keep coming back because he always cuts the badges too small. Marg is blister free (and we hate her... Continue Reading →


A Good Market Day, a Grand Bazaar, and a Great Cheese Disaster

February 19-20 Our second full day in Istanbul was market day. Jakob had promised to cook dinner for Elyse and I that night, so in return we offered to help with the foraging. As we made our way through Istanbul’s crumbling cobblestone streets, we compiled the day’s shopping list: eggs, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, bread,... Continue Reading →

Dinner in Prague

February 5-9 The story of our time in Prague is best told by food. Not because we ate out at so many amazing local restaurants, but because we didn’t. For the most part, our meals were had around a large family style dining table. Perhaps it was meant to seat fourteen, but we managed to... Continue Reading →

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