The Borrowed Snow Day

I didn’t actually believe I was going skiing until about 20 minutes before the unfamiliar fluorescent gear was strapped to my feet. In what world does someone without snow pants or winter tires think: “Tomorrow I will be waist deep in powder hoping my friends like me enough to wait at the bottom of the... Continue Reading →


Wandering On Purpose

For 147 days I’ve been a wanderer. To some that may seem like a small feat, too others it may seem unfathomable. To me it’s a bit of both. The culture I was raised in doesn’t take well to wanderers. We prefer that people have a plan: an education plan, a health care plan, a... Continue Reading →

Camino Family

How often do you know the exact condition of your friends’ feet? Well I do. Louise has three blisters on one big toe and a few on the rest. Dave has a couple of blisters that keep coming back because he always cuts the badges too small. Marg is blister free (and we hate her... Continue Reading →

Life at Vrede Rust

“We’re going to build a publicly accessible bike terrace.” My mind immediately flipped to concrete and table saws and other things that I knew nothing about. Nice idea. But no way is this actually going to work. My doubts only increased when I heard that the plan was to build all the furniture ourselves from... Continue Reading →

Rest Day(s)??

February 26-March 4 This is the story (more of a picture book really) of how one rest day turned into four. After nearly two months of winter travel we were both craving some beach time. Our level of desperation for sunshine and surf only became fully apparent when we caught ourselves scoping the Airbnb map... Continue Reading →

The Real Travel Tale

So that's the last time I predict a day's events before they actually take place. About three hours after writing my last blog post, we were eagerly awaiting the Alaska Airlines boarding announcement for the 1:25 flight to Seattle, when we heard an uncharacteristically panicked airline agent's voice over the intercom. There seemed to be fluid leaking out of the plane. They... Continue Reading →

The Adventure Begins

It's hard to tell when exactly this adventure began. Was it at 12:17 this morning when we woke up to the cold hard realization that our air mattress had developed a massive leak and that the rest of the night would be spent on a combination of couch cushions and throw pillows? Or was it... Continue Reading →

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