15 Things that Made Italy Unforgettable

March 2-12 Trying to align my hunger with the late Italian dinner hour….well if I have one lunch at 11:30, and another lunch around 3, maybe a snack at 5:30, then by 8 I should be the right amount of hungry to eat my weight in pasta. The pervasive national passion for houseplants. The way... Continue Reading →


The Forgotten of Florence

March 5-8 Somewhere between Rome and Florence a few things changed. For one, whatever digestive thing was waking me up 5 times a night somehow resolved itself. After typing my symptoms into Google, I was pretty sure I had contracted a wheat allergy, and considering that we are in Italy, my life span was estimated... Continue Reading →

Project Icy Rust Bath

February 22 Our adventure in Greece began with a bottle of wine and a tub of tzatziki (as it probably should). Our Airbnb host was a Greek Orthodox priest, who evidently had no need for a corkscrew. Instead of doing the reasonable thing and walking down the street half a block to buy one, we... Continue Reading →

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